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Several MB athletes have broken multiple school records, (10) as well as earning state champion status. School records broken this season: 

Girls 55 meter dash—Marybeth Fitzsimmons (held by Jenna Poggi in 2009)

Boys 4X400 relay—Casey Lambert, Will Hasset, Sam Stone, Kolya Markov-Riss (held by Casey Lambert, Teo Milner, Mike Hofstetter and Kolya Markov-Riss in 2019)

Girls 300 meter dash—Sophia Gorriaran (held by Sophia from December of this year!)

Girls 600 meter dash—Sophia Gorriaran (held by Betsy Walsh in 1998)

Boys 1,000 meter run—Kolya Markov Riss (held by Terry Moran in 2006)

Girls 1,000 meter run—Sophia Gorriaran (held by Alizee Ballarin in 2016)

Girls 3,000 meter run—Abby Gerrish (held by Veena Reddy in 1996)

Girls 4X400 Meter relay—Natasha Gorriaran, Cate Green, MaryBeth Fitzsimmons and Sophia Gorriaran (held by Abby Lambert, Elizabeth Calabresi, Phoebe Chase and Sarah Levine

Girls long jump—Marybeth Fitzsimmons (held by Marybeth Fitzsimmons in 2019)

Girls 1500 meter run—Sophia Gorriaran (held by Margot Jackson in 1998)

At the state championship this weekend, Sophia Gorriaran was 2-time state championship winner in the 1,000 m, and the girls 1,500 m and Marybeth Fitzsimmons was the state champion in the long jump for the 2nd year in a row. We had 3 second place finishes in the girls 4X400, in the boys 600m, and the girls 55m dash.

The girls team placed 3rd overall in the championship and the boys placed 10th overall, their best finish since 2014. The Projo wrote a great article highlighting Sophia and Marybeth’s performance from the weekend,